A luxury complex like no other at the heart of all services.



The place where relaxation and luxury meet to offer you an unforgettable experience. Equipped with a fireplace, seating areas to relax, and a piano that adds a touch of refinement to your visit. The walls are adorned with beautiful paintings, creating an artistic and sophisticated ambiance reminiscent of the prestigious lobbies of grand hotels. Whether you wish to unwind after a busy day or simply soak in the elegance and charm of this space, our lobby is the perfect place to escape the everyday.

Game Room / Lounge

This room is a paradise for game enthusiasts, featuring two foosball tables and two billiard tables inviting you to challenge your friends. You’ll also find a Mississippi table, offering a unique and captivating gaming experience. If you prefer board games, we have dedicated tables to satisfy your playful desires. To make your experience even more personalized, you have the freedom to choose the music you want to listen to or select the TV channel that suits your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a moment of relaxation or competition, our game room is the perfect place for you!

Virtual golf

Our state-of-the-art facility allows you to reserve your time slot and tee off on either an 18-hole or 9-hole course according to your preference. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, our simulator will transport you to prestigious courses with stunning graphics. While you wait for your turn or simply want to enjoy the spectacle, comfortable seating is available for relaxation and observing other players in action. With our virtual golf, you can experience the excitement and challenges of golf in a controlled and friendly environment.

Terrace and Gardens

A haven of relaxation and beauty where you can unwind outdoors. Our terrace is meticulously designed, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance. You can lounge on our comfortable sun loungers, enjoy al fresco dining at well-appointed tables, or relax on cozy sofas. A pergola provides shade while creating an intimate and soothing atmosphere. Surround yourself with lush gardens adorned with a variety of perennial plants and majestic trees. Let nature embrace you, savor the peaceful ambiance, and cherish every moment spent on our terrace.

Training room

Our gym is equipped with everything you need to push yourself and achieve your fitness goals. Modern and diverse equipment is at your disposal, including state-of-the-art cardio machines, free weights, and comprehensive strength training stations. You’ll also have the freedom to customize your workout environment by choosing the music that motivates you most or selecting the TV program you want to watch during your session. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, our gym provides a stimulating and welcoming environment for everyone!

yoga/pilates room

A sanctuary dedicated to inner peace and physical balance. With regular visits from an experienced yoga teacher ($), our studio offers classes that guide you towards relaxation and deep connection with your body and mind. The serene and soothing atmosphere of the studio creates an environment conducive to the practice of yoga and Pilates.

swimming pool, spa and sauna

Our luxurious space combines a pool, a spa, and a sauna to offer you the ultimate wellness experience. Enjoy the pool and let your worries melt away in the crystal-clear waters. Then, relax in our luxurious spa, where soothing bubbles envelop you and calm your tired muscles. For a revitalizing experience, step into our sauna, where the enveloping heat eliminates toxins and transports you into a state of deep relaxation. The space is bathed in soft, natural light, creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Lounge chairs and sofas are strategically placed for your comfort, and tropical vegetation adds a touch of exotic serenity to the surroundings.

event room

The perfect place to celebrate special moments and create unforgettable memories. Our event hall is elegantly designed with round tables adorned with chairs that invite conviviality and warm exchanges. A bar is available to serve your favorite drinks to accompany the festivities. For gaming enthusiasts, a poker table is at your disposal to spice up the atmosphere. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a family dinner, or just spending time with friends, our event hall is perfectly suited to meet your needs.

kitchen to receive your guests

Our kitchen is fully equipped with everything needed to create delicious dishes. High-quality kitchen utensils, elegant tableware, and a variety of modern appliances are at your disposal to help you prepare a successful dinner. The kitchen is spacious, providing ample workspace to unleash your culinary creativity. Invite guests to gather around the central island, participate in cooking workshops, or host a dinner with friends or family.

Indoor parking

Our parking facility is meticulously maintained with an epoxy floor, providing a pristine appearance and impeccable cleanliness thanks to our dedicated cleaning team. You will find spacious parking spots ensuring peace of mind for your vehicle. Additionally, we offer a dedicated car wash area to keep your vehicle sparkling clean. For electric vehicle drivers, we have you covered with no less than 72 charging stations installed for convenient recharging.

Les condos

5 1/2 condo unit

Discover our beautiful 5 1/2 condo, offering the perfect blend of space, comfort, and lifestyle. The condo features three spacious bedrooms, providing ample room for you and your family. Enjoy two private balconies where you can relax and admire the panoramic views. A full bathroom and a powder room with a shower offer convenience and functionality. An integrated laundry room makes household chores easy. The master bedroom includes a walk-in closet to meet all your storage needs. Finally, our large kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare delicious meals and entertain your guests.

3 1/2 condo unit

Welcome to our 3 1/2 condo, an oasis of comfort and convenience. This condo features a spacious bedroom that offers a peaceful atmosphere to rest and relax. The full kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare your favorite meals and enjoy friendly moments. The spacious bathroom welcomes you with style and functionality. In addition, you can enjoy a private balcony where you can relax, have a coffee or simply admire the surrounding views. Whether you are a professional looking for a comfortable space or a couple who wants to enjoy urban life, our 3 1/2 rental condo offers an exceptional residential experience.